What to look for in Cut and Pressed Glass

Often times we are asked how was cut glass made and how is it different from pressed glass.  Four basic ways to tell them apart are listed here, but it takes much study to determine some pieces, so be sure to study pieces or do further research at your local library.

1. Cut glass usually has more sparkle due to the faceted cuts, which were hand done on most antique and older pieces.

2. Color can play a part, if the piece is extremely crystal clear, most likely it is cut, this is due to the lead in the glass.  Most pressed  glass has a dull appearance.

3. A piece of cut glass with have a sharp feel when you rub your hand over the item, it will almost feel like it could cut your skin.  Better crystal tends to have deeper cuts.

4. Weight is also a factor in determining cut versus pressed glass. Often heavier glass was used to make deeper cuts.  Pressed glass tends to have obvious seams from the mold that the glass was poured into.